REIGHNBEAU is the work of visual and sound artist Bryce Hample and his Lovely Friends.
REIGHNBEAU concoct hypnotic tracks that shift and sift,
 like sand through fingers, 
tumbling through with an odd satisfaction and surreal beauty, 
as you interact with thousands of grains of ancient earth and animals, 
grinded into silt after billions of years. 
 Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.



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"Reighnbeau, whether it is intentional or not, make some pretty sinister sounding music."

While REIGHNBEAU's sound is constantly evolving,  Current live shows involve an array of synths and keys, bewitched by Hample, joined by Hannah Daney on vocals and James Sturgis on Drums.  Clad in druidic robes (albeit sewn out of purple velvet), and enveloped in a cloud of dense fog.   

Hample is a multi-instrumentalist with a wide array of influences, ranging from Slowdive to Three 6 Mafia and Arvo Part.   Reighnbeau's catalog of releases reflects this in its impressive range, from lush shoegaze with heavy hitting beats, to stark slowcore and intimate acoustic ventures.  

Reighnbeau has shared the stage with acts such as: Cocorosie, GIRAFFAGE, Saint Pepsi, Dimond Saints, Chrome Sparks, Little People, Filastine, Hawk and A Hacksaw, Waxahatchee, Anonymous Choir.

Opaque and hallucinatory, the music of Reighnbeau acts much like the name: disparate elements drive each other into a graceful conclusion of what at first glance seems abnormal. An alchemist of shoegaze,  R&B, melancholy electronica and southern rap, Albuquerque native Bryce Fletcher produces a thoroughly personal sound that mystifies before it assaults. 
The darkness of the music is belying of it's inner happiness, however, luring the listener into a mechanical, rainy world that is actually pretty damn fun to spend time in. Songs like "Hush" and "FullofSalt" feel threatening at first - dense layers of ambience and percussion crowd the soundscape to a breaking point until, with gentle ease, a kinder and more loving rhythm kicks in. This formula works spectacularly for Reighnbeau, sharing dark tension with the audience until a purifying breakdown of what I'm going to go ahead and describe as wistful gangsta. 
Hypnotic, danceable and inspiring, it is music from a not-too-distant future. The powerful combination of fear and rapture are well at work here, and it is surely only a matter of time before Reighnbeau is headlining your next catacomb throwdown. 
~ Nathan New