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I released this cassette in a rush before leaving on a month long US tour last April, while promoting 2 other releases, and didn't feel like I did it properly, (no promotion, only made a few which were quickly gone, and wasnt completely happy with the master and dubbing...)  But this album is important to me, and I would like you to hear it!   So I am very pleased and grateful that my friend Kevin Greenspon has helped release it on his BRIDGETOWN imprint, with deluxe full color sticker labels/hand dubbed tapes, and 'remastered' master tracks. (Thank you!)
Beautiful artwork by DAVID POLKA

Kevin and I will be touring the west coast together this july!
This is being released alongside 6 OTHER AWESOME BRIDGETOWN NEW RELEASES!
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Nice writeup by Kevin:
Bridgetown #89
Reighnbeau's sophomore release for Bridgetown serves as an adventurous contrast to the sparsity and silence that dominated 2012's "Ashes." On "Friends," Bryce Hample twists the methods of shoegaze and slowcore into softer, acoustic-based miniatures. The result is a unique and captivating collection of songs that embrace quiet moments with a dynamic liveliness. The warmth of plucked nylon strings, breathy vocals and sparse drumming have a distinctly organic nature; a refreshing escape from the typical effect pedal overload commonly associated with shoegaze.